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1 (chemistry) a change directly from the solid to the gaseous state without becoming liquid
2 (psychology) modifying the natural expression of an impulse or instinct (especially a sexual one) to one that is socially acceptable

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see Sublimation



From sublimationem.


  1. The transition of a substance from the solid phase directly to the vapor state such that it does not pass through the intermediate liquid phase.
  2. The transformation of an impulse into something socially constructive.


phase transition
  • German: Sublimierung, Sublimation
  • Italian: sublimazione
  • Swedish: sublimering
transformation of an impulse
  • German: Sublimierung, Sublimation
  • Italian: sublimazione
  • Swedish: sublimering



From sublimatio.


fr-noun f
  1. sublimation

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Sublimation can have several meanings:
  • Sublimation (chemistry), the change from solid to gas, while at no point becoming a liquid.
  • Sublimation (psychology), the transformation of emotions.
  • Dye sublimation, the transference of printed images to a synthetic substrate by the application of heat.
  • Sublation, the purification or exaltation of a thing by its negation or redirection.
  • in Iain M. Banks' science fiction novels, the process of a civilization becoming one of the Sublimed.
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